Camino Santiago de Compostela Le puy way

Camino Santiago de Compostela - a pilgrim

Camino Santiago de Compostela – a pilgrim

Camino Santiago de Compostela Le puy way

Why do we want to walk the Le Puy way/ Via Podiensis ?

During the summer we were celebrating our anniversary. Sharing life for more than thirty years is a process. We find it to be a  way paved with peaceful days and surprising twists and turns set among them. So why the Camino ? It is interesting to say that almost everyday we are being asked this question and each day the answer is slightly different. Is it because we feel that like marriage life, the way will summon many peaceful moments alongside effort and challenge ? Is it the wish to feel young ? The hope to open new horizons ? One thing is sure-  Walking together in the nature, enjoying the countryside and each other company is a happy thing to wait for. In mid September we started hiking Camino Santiago de Compostela Le Puy way . After the first two weeks we can say- WOW…It is challenging and and amazing way to see the world. 

What is our plan for Camino Santiago de Compostela Le Puy way?

We decided to plan ahead and yet, keep in mind that our plan should be flexible and subject to changes. Sitting in our arm chair and reading posts and advises , we felt that 15-21 kilometers per day seems doable. Now, after the first stage, after 205 kilometers, we know that it’s doable but also know that it’s an effort.

First Stage: Le Puy to Conques

Our trip started from Lyon’s airport. We took the train to Le Puy en Valey. It’s approximately 3.5 hours due to the need to change trains but it’s a scenic way and the time flies. (Trains time-table)

Day 1

Original plan: Le-Puy-en-Velay to Montbonnet (16 km/10 mi)

Day 2

Original plan: Montbonnet to Monistrol-d’Allier (14.5 km/9.1 mi)

Day 3

Original plan: Monistrol-d’Allier to La Clauze (19 km)

Day 4

Original plan: La Clauze to Saint-Alban-sur-Limagnole (20 km/14.1 mi)

In practice: La Clauze  to Les Faux (21 km)

Day 5

Original plan:Saint-Alban-sur-Limagnole to Aumont-Aubrac(15km/8.8 mi)

In practice: Les Faux to Aumont-Aubrac

Day 6

Original plan: Aumont-Aubrac to Montgros (22 km)

In practice: Aumont-Aubrac to Nasbinals – La Grange des Enfants

Day 7

Original plan: Montgros to Saint-Chely-d’Aubrac  ( 21 km)

In practice: Nasbinals – La Grange des Enfants to Saint-Chely-d’Aubrac

Day 8

Original plan: Saint-Chely-d’Aubrac to St. Come d’Olt  (15 km)

In practice: Saint-Chely-d’Aubrac to Espalion

Day 9

Original plan: St. Come d’olt  to Estaing   (14 km)

In practice: Espalion to Estaing

Day 10

Original plan: Estaing – Montégut – Golinhac  (16 KM)

Day 11

Original plan: Golinhac to Conques (25 km)

Day 12

Original plan: Conques to Livinhac le Haut  (21 km)

In Practice: A day in Conques

Day 13

Conques to Le puy – taking a train to Lyon airport

Second stage: Conques to Auvillar

Helpful websites:

This site has information regarding maps,buses,trails….

A great company that made our way easy. If you want to send your suitcase from one village to another, to take a shuttle…they have the best service both through the phone and through the site. We loved this service.

The best place to get online advises and information

We loved it!! Great site with accurate information on the different parts of the way, maps, accommodations…

Few insights in the end of this part of the Camino:

  1. Walking poles are an essential on this route – they saved our knees.
  2. Most people we met were French speakers -try to learn some basic French- it helps a lot.
  3. Book ahead a place to sleep the night before (We walked in the last 10 days of September and first week of October) -It was easy to find a nice accommodation.
  4. We felt that prepared picnic meal were too expensive and that it is easy to buy good food in the local shop in the morning of each day (unless you find out that there is no shop in the village)
  5. Weather at this time was sometimes chilly but most of the time great. It was helpful to have light raincoat, warm hat and gloves and windbreaker.
  6. We bought Orange SIM card in the train station in Lyon -it was easy and we had good connection most of the way.

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