Towada lake and hiking along the Oirase stream

Towada lake and hiking along the Oirase stream

We left Aomori early in order to get back for the evening festival. The road from Aomori to Towada lake made it’s beautiful way through light green woods. As we got closer to the lake we saw how big it is. We made a stop at a nice restaurant on the bank of the lake and had some coffee. In the impressive visitor center we got a map of the trail that runs from Towada lake and along the Oirase stream .Now we had to decide where will be our starting point. 

Oirase Stream

We parked our car Along the narrow road near other cars (It is surprising but there is not any regulated parking). Oirase Stream runs in a gorge and is the only outlet draining Towada lake. The trail is about 9 kilometers long and runs between Nenokuchi and Ishigedo. Since we didn’t plan to make all the way we started near  Shimai-no-taki fall. We followed the trail and felt as if we are in wonderland. The tall trees, the wide trunks, the clear water of the stream and the fresh smell -it was nature at it’s best.The trail followed the stream and from time to time we found ourselves near a pool with ferns on it’s rocks or near a fall. There are few falls along the way, each different in size and look. We kept hiking till Kumoi no taki falls and from there took a bus back to our car.

For more information you may like this link to Eco tourism.

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