Tohoku summer guide to trails and festivals

Tohoku summer pestivals

Tohoku summer guide to trails and festivals

Last year , with the first signs of autumn, we headed to Honshu- the main island of Japan.  It took us only a short time to fall in love with Japan .We loved the quite, gentle people in the streets and the respect towards the public space. We enjoyed the food, the temples, the attention given to small details.
A few month ago we decided to return to Japan in order to see two different areas – Hokkaido and Tohoku – a mixture of nature and culture. Few months ahead of the trip we read a lot and were searching after the best Tohoku summer guide to trails and festivals.

This time we planed to travel in July.

Nine days in Hokkaido and eight days in Tohoku were not much but we couldn’t afford to take a longer vacation than that. There are many possible ways to travel on vacation. Since we love to be independent we prefer to go for the self drive option . That requires a thorough preparatory planning but we found that driving in Tohoku is a pretty stress-free affair.

Tohoku Japan
Traveling in Japan

Tohoku Itinerary

The Tohoku Region is in the north of Japan and consists of six prefectures. We decided to visit three of them- Aomori, Akita and Yamagate. Our tour plan gave place to hiking during the days and festivals during the nights. It was a great combination and we felt that it made our trip perfect. Here it is:

Day 1: Aomori

Visiting the display of the Floats of Nebuta Matsuri pestival

Day 2: Lake Towada

Towada lake- day trip. Hike along the Oirase stream from Shimai-no-taki fall to Makado-bashi.

Aomori Nebuta Matsuri pestival

Day 3: Hirosaki and Akakuradake

Climbing mt. Akakura

Hirosaki Neputa pestival

Day 4: Midway- from Aomori to Akita

Oga – visit Goshado shrine

Day 5:Akita

Kanto Matsuri pestival

Day 5: Akita to Yamadera

Akita Museum of art

Day 6: Yamagata

Yamadera Risshaku-ji temple

Yamagate pestival

Day 7: Mount Zao (Miyagi) to Sendai

Okama – Crater Lake

Day 8: Sendai Tanabata Matsuri

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