Third stage- September 2019

third step

Third Stage

In a few days we will fly to Paris, take a train to Agen and Allison, our host, will bring us to her lovely B&B. It is exciting to go back to the same place in which we finished our second stage.  Last time it was summer and the fields were brown and yellow. Now the weather will be cooler and the colors different. 

This time we hope to walk 350 km- starting from Auvillar and walk to the Pyrenees in the hope to pass through Napoleon’s path to Spain.

Are we ready to the challenge? I hope that we are. We have 17 walking days and two days to rest. Will it be enough?

Both of us feel that we want to start walking again. It’s a different feeling in each stage. This time it’s like going to meet an old friend- we know the GR65, we know our abilities, and we are ready to embrace the journey with it’s unknown moments. 

Here is our plan: 
Day 1 : Auvillar – Miradoux     17 km
Day 2 :Miradoux- Lectoure   15.5 km
Day 3 : Lectoure –    la romieu 18.5 km
Day 4 : la romieu- condom  13.5 km
Day 5 : Condom- Montréal-du-Gers 16.5 km 
Day 6 :  Montréal-du-Gers  – Eauze  17 km
Day 7: Eauze – Nogaro 21 km

A day Rest in Nogaro
Day 8: Nogaro – Barcelonne du Gers 25 km
Day 9: Barcelonne du Gers – Miramont-Sensacq 21 km
Day 10: Miramont-Sensacq -Arzacq-Arraziguet 16 km
Day 11: Arzacq-Arraziguet – Pomps 20 km
Day 12: Pomps- Maslacq 18.5 km
Day 13: Maslacq – Navarrenx 22 km
A day rest with a 5 km walking to Castetnau -Camberlong
Day 14: Castetnau -Camberlong  – Aroue 18 km
Day 15: Aroue – Ostabat 24 km
Day 16: Ostabat – SJPDP 22.5 km
Day 17: SJPDP crossing to Roncesvalles (Napoleon’s route) 24.5 km

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