Second stage- May 2019, Conques- Auvillar

In Moissac

Second stage- May 2019, Conques- Auvillar

 When we returned home at the end of the first part in the Camino, I was surprised to discover how much I missed returning to the Camino. Months passed as I counted the days, read posts of people on the way and waited for May to arrive. And at last … Backpacks packed,  walking sticks were winking at us -this time we take a pair for each of us- and we were excited. Even the forecast which promised rainy weather couldn’t spoil the joy.

 We decided to take a longer period of time in the hope of traveling 240 kilometers and enjoying a long vacation.

Every good plan is just an invitation for changes and indeed we had to make some in our plan. It all started while we were waiting at the long line for security in Ben Gurion airport. We were excited and happy until I checked with Doron if he has the credit cards on him. Well…a short search in all the pockets and we soon learned that we left all our money and credit cards at home. For a few minutes we still shared a hope that our son (sleeping , it was only 04:00AM) would wake up and help. A few phone calls, a friend that came to our house and tried to knock on the door and the alarm that went on until all the neighborhood waked up – our son was still sleeping and we understood that we will miss the flight. We waited to get our baggage back and took a taxi back home.

The day after we took a flight. This time we had everything on us but we were in a loss of a day and had to change our plans. So here it is- The planned schedule vs. what took place.
Day 1 :  Israel to Conques
In practice: Missed our flight and returned back home. 

Day 2 : Conques- – La Gabie (via GR6)
In Practice: Flight to Toulouse and arrival to La gabie. We gave up walking from Conques to La Gabie.
Day 3 : La Gabie- Montredon  14 km
Day 4: Montredon-Figeac  21 km
Day 5 : Figeac to Rocamadour (by bus)
In Practice- we took a car to Rocamadour and Padirac and during the evening headed to Conques to see the church
Day 6: Figeac saint Eulalie Espagnac (valle cele)  25 km
Day 7 :saint Eulalie Espagnac -Marcilhac-sur-Célé    20 km
Day 8: Marcilhac-sur-Célé -Cabrerets.    19 km
Day 9: Cabrerets – Saint Cirq lapopie     18 km (+3)
Day 10 : Saint Cirq lapopie -Vers        26 km
Day 11: Vers – Cahors  18 km
Day 12: Cahors- Trigodina 16 km
 Day 13: Trigodina – Montuq  18 km
Day 14: Montuq- Lauzerte  14.5 km
Day 15: Lauzerte- Moissac  27 km
Day 16: Moissac 
Day 17: Moissac- Auvillar  20 km
Day 18: Auvillar to Paris (train)

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