San Sebastian to Pasaia

San sebastian to Pasajes de San Juan    (reverse track direction)

Thursday, the second day of our journey. We woke up refreshed and decided to complete the section we didn’t finish yesterday but walk in the opposite direction, from San Sebastian to Pasaia. From there we will take a taxi and return for another night in San Sebastian.
Since we had only 8 kilometers ahead of us, we allowed ourselves to eat pintxos leisurely in a crowded bar. We set off only at noon. It was a nice walk along the beach with the bay in the background and above us a sky in shades of gray and blue. Once again the high humidity  enveloped us mercilessly. It took a while to find the path (the arrow markings seem to go exclusively from north to south and refuse to acknowledge the possibility of walking in the opposite direction). A steep climb up a shaded concrete path brought us a few minutes later panting to the top of the hill. The view of San Sebastián nestled between green mountains and surrounded by the sea was a great start to the day.Since the annual vacation is still in full swing, crowds of travelers were seen on the road. Families, cyclists, single walkers… everyone took advantage of the beautiful morning.

Back to Pasaia

The walk on the edge of the ridge above the ocean was characterized by ups and downs. Ferns, pines, ivy… an abundance of greenery in vivid colors and the smell of salty air – a real pleasure. An ancient Roman bridge crosses the path and we stop to admire it’s beauty. Soon enough the bay of Pasaia is beneath. Yesterday we descended from the other side. Today we are prepared  for a lot of stairs, but it turns out to be a not too strenuous descent and a few minutes later, already down near an active shipyard at the entrance of the port.

San Sebastian

San Sebastian is known as a city that offers the best cuisine and has many restaurants with a Michelin rating. But in this journey we are neither in appropriate clothing nor in the appropriate mentality and therefore, back in San Sebastian we treated ourselves to great cakes in one of the squares and enjoyed the pleasant afternoon sun.

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