Saint Cirq Lapopie to Vers

Saint Cirq Lapopie to Vers

We took it easy this morning. Enjoyed breakfast and a long conversation with our hostess. The elections for representatives of the European Market  took place in France and we learned that this is a most exciting and significant thing for the French. It was not easy to follow with my poor French the depths of politics in France, but it was interesting . We left our B&B around 09:30A.M and headed back to the Chemin de Halage and Bouzies. The barley moved in the light wind and gave the way a different look than last evening. It was Sunday and an election day and many French seemed to enjoy their day off. Boats sailed slowly up the Lot towards Saint Cirq Lapopie and entered into the small dams.  After 6 kilometers we were back in Bouzies. We stopped to fill water (there are clean toilette), disappointed to see that there isn’t any open bakery, and then took the GR36 to Vers.

Bouzies to Pasturat

Out of Bouzies -Pleasant walking, cool air. Slowly the way began to climb. The climb on the mountain continues and the path is wide and convenient. On the sides of the  trail are oak trees and conifers. Around 13:30 , 13 km already behind us and we started descending towards the Lot and Pasturat . In the fields around Pasturat, white grazing sheep gave a short glance and then ignored our presence. The GR651 was merciless. We counted at least five long ascents and then descents to the Lot. At last – the beautiful valley and the river just below. 


The sign shows right toward Bears or to the left towards Acrambel. This is another cunning plot of the path planners. Someone really believed we would reach this point at the top, go down, and the next morning we would climb the steep climb to get here again. It was clear to both of us that we had no such intention. We started  the shady and pleasant descent into Bears. The rich sounds of the European cuckoo we got used to hearing in the past few days, have also accompanied us now from different directions. Bears turned out to be a small, well-kept village. We passed it, crossed the big bridge and reached Vers.


Half past four. We walked 26 km and couldn’t be happier now when we entered the lobby of LA TRUITE DOREE. 
Our room had a limited but nice view to the spring below. A short rest, shower and the second surprise I prepared for Doron. After almost 120 km and when his sixtieth birthday is only two weeks ahead,  he received his Camino shirt. We dressed in matching shirts and went out to see the village. The river flows in the center surrounded by a green park with a harbor for boats and castle ruins. The village is picturesque and quiet. At sunset we went to the hotel’s restaurant. A great three-course meal and a lot of alcohol were an excellent finish for the day.

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