Orio to Zumaia


Orio to Zarautz

This morning, the fourth day on the Camino, we woke up early and decided that we would eat breakfast in Orio. Once again we crossed the big intersection on the side of the hotel and went up the hill. Huge leaves of pumpkins grew in the garden on the side of the road, their yellow flowers decorate the road. A small church building, closed this morning as well, stood right on the road and a young couple who had spent the night on the floor of the  covered porch folded their sleeping bags and finished getting organized. Right around the corner is the restaurant where we sat last night and a sign saying that we are in San Martin.
A group of walkers from Taiwan – a woman and three men – walk with huge backpacks on their backs. We have a short conversation and learn that they have arrived for a week of walking the Camino and from there will continue to Paris. Before entering Orio we say goodbye and guess we will see each other in the evening.The descent towards the port of Orio passes through well-maintained old streets. The town carefully preserves its historical past. In the old center stands t
he Church of San Nicolás de Bari

Church of San Nicolás de Bari

The church dates back to the 17th century and is Baroque in style. Its construction was carried out on a previous church. The structure of the present church stands out (Crowded between the buildings) for its dimensions and elegance. It is rather frustrating that, like the previous churches on the way, this church is also closed and leave us near the door.
We go down to the square, have a few pintxos in one of the cafes and sit in the pleasant morning sun next to the harbor

Orio to Zarautz

To leave the town you have to go up 50 meters and then go down the other side of the hill towards the local sports club. From there a narrow road winds its way up the mountain. It seems that almost the whole town is climbing up with us – dressed in sports clothes, old people and toddlers, all walking quickly up the steep hill.Near the top there is a wooden bench and next to it a carved wooden column, a small memorial corner that stands and overlooks the view of the green valley. A few more minutes and here we are on the ridge line near a huge camping site. There are tents of all sizes, mobile homes, playgrounds… and everything is lively.The descent to the beach is done on a paved path combined with stairs. Together with us walk surfers with their surfboards, cyclists,children with inflated lifebuoys and people who go down to swim or just to rest on the beach. The walk is on a slightly raised wooden bridge that separates the golf course from the dunes on the sea. Clean yellow sand, a beach with colorful umbrellas and a neat promenade – this is the beach of Zarautz. We walk leisurely along the beach, stop to indulge in huge ice cream cones and feel like children on vacation. It’s a moment of pure happinessץ

Along the beach till Getaria

At the end of the bay we have to decide whether to follow the yellow marking and climb the mountain or continue along the water line. We decide to continue on the lower route that leads through Getaria and do not regret it for a moment. The walk next to the blue water and the slate and stone rocks that descend steeply to the ocean is mesmerizing. The sight of the ancient fortress of Getaria rising above a tiny bay charms the eye and soon we are are climbing up the road to the center of the small town. It’s already past noon and we stop at a cafe for a cold beer and an omelette. The place is full of locals who also enjoy a beer before their afternoon nap. We would be happy to stretch out on the beach now and rest, but fifteen minutes later we continue up the street leading to the rest of the road

Getaria to Zumaia

Now we climb a little to get back to the ridge line and at half past three we start descending on the other side to Zumaia. The descent path is paved and comfortable and takes us into the main street of the town and to our hotel.  It is located on a hill overlooking the sea. At the foot of the hotel, At the foot of the hotel, in the waters of the small bay, dozens of surfers lie on their surfboards and wait for the rising waves. Hotel & Talasoterapia Zelai  – The building is outdated but our room on the second floor overlooks the ocean and we enjoy from a spectacular golden red sunset. On the ground floor there is a spa with a hydrotherapy pool and for an hour we allow ourselves to be pampered. We eat dinner in a neighborhood pub to the sounds of live music, which makes a wonderful end to the day.

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