Montreal Du Gers to Eauze

lake on the Gr65

Montreal Du Gers to Eauze

 Thursday, 03.10.2019 .  With 21 kilometers ahead of us we had a light breakfast, said goodbye to our hosts and at 8:30 we were off. It’s a cool, grey weather. Our American friends have already gone and but we soon met them in a small coffee shop in Montreal-du-Gers.  Montreal is one of the  Bastide towns that were founded during  the 13th century. Like other towns we saw on our way,  here too there is a central square surrounded by arcades. The coffee is disappointing. The way is easy but somehow we lose the GR65 mark and make an unnecessary detour along the road. In Lamothe, on the side of the hill we find a small snack barCarla is here, playing with a small dog. As we drink fresh fruit juice and chat, her friends arrive.  It turns out that they also made an unnecessary detour.

Lamothe to Eauze

Big posters accompany us as we descend and continue on our way. Faces of men, women, young, old, sad, thoughtful, happy… – Pictures of pilgrims on the Le Puy way taken by a local artist.The trees form a green tunnel and our feet tread on soft leaves.  Around 11:00 a.m we cross a bridge and a wide space opens in front of us. A beautiful clear blue lake, surrounded by green grass. A sign says:”do not fish” but it does not disturb a fisherman in a small wooden boat. It is relatively an easy way from there, mostly in the woods, but my feet are tired and I hope to arrive. At last…the church in the city is remarkably similar to that of Condom, the hotel is just next to it and for me the simple room is exactly what is needed.

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