Condom to Montréal-du-Gers

three musketeers

Condom to Montreal du Gers

Wednesday, 2.10. This morning, once again, we take it easy until 10 o’clock, knowing that no matter when we leave, the day is long enough for us to reach in full daylight. Today the sky is drizzling and gray but the clouds are stunning. We wrap ourselves in capes, cross the wide river and walk through the green park close to the river until we get out of town. Round hills, fields on all sides and we are already at a small intersection. Left with the GR65 or right down the road to Larressingle ? We believe the sign that promise a picturesque village . Well- mistake!!  We go down the road just to discover that the small castle and the surrounding village are empty and close- it’s out of season. (Probably it looks colorful at summer). In response to our sad faces, the rain increases both intensity and tempo. We wonder whether it would be better to walk on the D507 or to turn on our heels and return to the GR65. GR65 wins and we descend to the valley and to a nice old stone bridge and discover that the D507 is coming from the hill on our left.

Agape du Gers

From the bridge we start to go up between fields. From time to time we also have black prune trees and vineyards on our side. We sit down by the road to rest and eat a banana and suddenly, 30 meters from us, a deer appears. Its delicate beauty is mesmerizing. He stands and looks around and then steps forward and we realize his front leg is injured. He limps and crosses the road, disappears into the vineyard, leaving us worried. Fortunately the hunters are not around.We move forward and shortly afterwards an unusual sight – a double bench on the road at the entrance to a farmhouse. We sit. Before getting up I look at the symbol on the gate and realize this is the B&B that I’ve booked. It’s only two-thirty. I didn’t realize when I made the plans that this day will be so short and that we will stop few kilometers before Montreal- du- gers. We enter. The courtyard overlooks the vineyard and the view is stunning. A beautiful stone pool and a hammock swinging under a weeping willow tree. We have a nice big room in the renovated farmhouse and as we sit in the garden for tea we can’t believe our luck. Dinner is tasty and generous. We enjoy the company of Liz and Carla from the U.S.A and Ot from Belgium and of our hosts with their lovely daughter.

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