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Hokkaido Best summer itinerary

Climbing Kurodake (mt. Kuro)
travel guide to hokkaido

Hokkaido best summer itinerary

Last year , with the first signs of autumn, we headed to Honshu- the main island of Japan.  It took us only a short time to fall in love with Japan .We loved the quite, gentle people in the streets, the respect towards the public space, the food, the temples, the attention given to small details.
A few month ago we decided to return to Japan in order to see two different areas – Hokkaido and Tohoku – a mixture of nature and culture. This time we planed to travel in July. Nine days in Hokkaido and eight days in Tohoko were not much but we couldn’t afford to take a longer vacation than that. There are many possible ways to travel on vacation. Since we love to be independent we prefer to go for the self drive option . That requires a thorough preparatory planning but we found that driving in Hokkaido is a pretty stress-free affair. Few months ahead of the trip we read a lot and were searching after Hokkaido best summer itinerary.

Back home we are grateful and feel that we had an amazing trip by all means. One morning while we were in the middle of a long climbing on Mt. Asahi we decided that we want to open a blog that will enable us to share our impressions with others.
This blog is about our love to nature and the beautiful moments during hiking and traveling. Since successful tour is based on  information we will try to help with information regarding airports, best places, national parks, trails,nice hotel and more.

Follow us through this self drive and hiking travel guide to Hokkaido and Tohoku.

We would like to hear your comments.

Self drive itinerary in Hokkaido



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