Miradoux to Lectoure

Miradoux to LectoureSunday morning, 29/10 . This evening we will celebrate the beginning of the New year for the Jewish people. It's the first time that we will not celebrate…


Lauzerte to Moissac

Lauzerte to Moissac At a quarter past eight, after the most miserable breakfast we ate on this journey (bread with a little jam and coffee), we started walking down the…

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Montuq – Lauzerte

Montuq – Lauzerte It's only 14.5 km between Montuq and Lauzerte so we can start the day lazily. At ten o'clock, coolness is still in the air and the comfortable path…


Trigodina to Montuq

Trigodina to Montuq We left the farm at 08:30  and turned right to reach the trail. Cloudy weather with ten degrees Celsius, landscape of soft green hills, the walk was pleasant…


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