Auvillar to Miradoux

on GR65 again

Auvillar to Miradoux

27.09.2019 – This time we remembered to take our credit cards and money with us, we arrived on time to the airport and even had a lovely evening and morning in Paris. As was our custom in prior stages, we started by visiting a church (Being Jews it is not the natural place to visit but for art and architecture lovers it is the best place). We entered Saint Sulpice and enjoyed Delacroix’s paintings. We looked at each other and renewed the promise -we promise to keep walking together- in the Camino and in life. 

The scenery on the way, as the train went through the fields, slowly got us into the atmosphere of peace and relaxation. At Agen train station we met Allison, our host from B&B La Farat. It was great to return to this beautiful house and we felt like returning home. In the evening, when it was dark and only the moon was shining, we went up the quite road to a nice restaurant in a nearby village, Bardigues.  The next morning, due to the fact that it was planed to be a short day, we left the b&b at nine thirty. Once again we went up to the well-kept village, passed under the arch of trees in the main street of the village and met the GR65.   

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”

The road goes down, the walk is by the side of the road and between the fields. Yellow maize gives the landscape a golden hue.In the nearby village, Saint-Antoine, an unexpected surprise – a nice cafe. Colorful tables under date trees fill a small garden. We cannot skip such an opportunity (one of the few times in this section) and sit down to enjoy chocolate and cold drink. Today is Saturday and maybe that is why we see relatively many French people on the way. We continue and see a sign – “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”(Antoine de Saint Exupery) .It’s a beautiful reminder to our responsibility to keep this environment as untouchable as possible. Our next stop is Chateau Flamarens. Next to the ruined castle there are the remains of a church and a bell tower. The castle was built in 1466 and served as part of the fortifications during the Hundred Years War. Although we only walked 9 km, we enjoy the sitting area and despite the changing weather (raindrops) we  pamper ourselves with a croissant and another rest.(There is a place to fill water)


The ground has a yellowish reddish shade and soon we are close to Miradoux. A short climbing leads us to a new neighborhood and a viewpoint to the old village. From this point we descend and enter the village. In the entrance there’s a church with a well and one long street. It’s quarter to three. We promised ourselves a short day and kept the promise. Despite the hour I manage to get some lunch in the restaurant. Then we wait for Allison to come and take us back to her house. As I said- this time we start easy and slowly. During the evening we enjoy sitting in the garden. On the top of the huge tree that stands in the corner of the garden we detect some movement. Doron brings the binocular and we see a barn owl and an hour latter a small owl. As I said- one cannot ask for more!! 

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