about us-Doron and Sharon

About us

Mid fifties is time for Travel

We are Doron and Sharon- in our mid-fifties, parents to three beloved grown-up boys. 
We feel very fortunate to travel together through life and we try to make the most out of it. A good trip starts with the process of planing. Usually it take us a few months to prepare a journey to unknown countries. It gives us lot of pleasure and build the excitement. Than comes the joy of seeing different cultures through fresh eyes and the encounter with new people. Having said that, we rarely miss the opportunity to return to memorable places. It’s through traveling and hiking that we discover new sides of ourselves and of the world around us.

Two fineshmakers

We believe that ‘God is in the small details’. Being ‘fineshmakers’ we keep searching for those little, unique things and moments that will leave a special feeling in our hearts. It might be a beautiful trail, a well cooked breakfast, a breathtaking observation, old tree in the woods  … 

This summer we had a great time in Hokkaido. We visited the National parks, climbed volcano’s, hiked in the woods  and took part in Furano festival. In Tohoko we enjoyed the most colorful and vivid festivals. We loved the Aomori Nebuta matsuri, the Akita kanto festival, Hirosaki and Sendai festivals.

Camino Le Puy

We hope to go the Camino stage by stage till Santiago de Compostela. We walked on September the first stage from Le Puy to Conques and it left us with intense longing to return and keep hiking. We are waiting to start the second section in May.

Join us, read our blog and share with us our fineshmaker’s choices of the remarkable moments

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